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Can we argue with the children?

Can we argue with the children?

Of course not, we should avoid arguing with the children because it will create bad behaviour in them. They will start to argue with everyone even others were right affordable double stroller. They will try to show them that they are right and others were wrong, it will make others to feel bad about us and try to maintain distance with us. So parents should beware of it and avoid argue with them and express their action in some other way. We can say them in a soft manner and encourage them in a right way and later on spot them that they had done. So they will understand it in clear way without getting hurt and this will help them a lot. Even they grow up, they will follow the same to others when they did wrong. This is the best way to encourage the kids and avoid arguments with them. 

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How to make the kid to stop doing bad behavior?

This is the most important thing; some kids will behave bad though we don’t teach them any bad behavior but they will learn by themselves. They are shouting, getting angry, throwing things over us, breaking the things, crying, hurting others, etc., all will come under this. Though it may look simple thing during the childhood days and some parents take it as funny thing too but if we them to do it the same, children will suffer a lot in future. During the early stage, we should guide the children in good way. If they are angry, we should control it by giving them the hug so they can feel secure and peace. Due to insecurity feel and in fear, most of the children will behave bad. We should create secure feel in them and say that we should not beat or scold the children if they did any wrong. So they will be fear free and tell the parents whatever they did. By this way we can reduce the bad behaviours in the children and grow them in a positive way. 

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In what way, we can encourage them?

There are many words to encourage them. Spending our time with them is the best way to encourage the kids. So we can share many things with them and they will learn many new things too. We can give them some stars, points, or rewards when they did good thing. Small things will make the kids to feel more happy than other big things. Though it may look simply but it will be great joy to children. We can have a bed time story together and tell the moral stories. In moral stories we will have the good ending with moral so they will learn what to do and don’t in the future. We can take them to the outing or favourite places, if they behave prefect and good way throughout the week and help others in their work. It is the best way to encourage them and they will do all things with whole heart.